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RACHEL: 11 Steps to Top-Dollar Portrait Sales Sales is simple when you follow a step-by-step system. No surprises, no questions, and the results are expected because you’re prepared. Anyone can make brownies when they follow the recipe. This is the recipe to top-dollar portrait sales without fear, anxiety, or confrontation.

RUDI: 51 Ways to Market for Little to No Money Marketing doesn’t need to be expensive…or even cost money sometimes. Follow along as the Martens share 51 ways they market for little to no money, and get remarkable results! Quickly implement these dynamic and inexpensive strategies to get your schedule filled.

Facebook pages: @ShowMeStudioSuccess @ClarkMartenPhotography

Clark & Rachel started Clark Marten Photography in the basement of their home in the mid 80’s and in 1990, built a studio onto their house. Creating a business from nothing in rural Montana (which has a population of only six people per square mile), forced them to overcome mental and physical boundaries to do the absolute best with what they had. Over the past 30 years, the Martens have created a winning photography style and marketing system that attracts high-end clients; and a sales system that has clients purchasing wall portraits and other high-end products…all of which has given the Marten’s an unprecedented, top-dollar sales average.  In 2008, their son, Rudi, returned to the studio and breathed new energy into the established studio. Dreaming beyond Clark & Rachel’s retirement, Rudi was an inspiring force behind the Marten’s new 10,000 square foot studio that opened in June 2013. Combined with their established reputation, Rudi continues to grow the Marten’s studio with energy and new ideas as he picks up the camera himself. The Martens have spoken at multiple national conferences and events and are the recipients of multiple local and national awards. Enjoy their energy and passion for what they do, and you’ll walk away saying, “If they can do it where they live, I can do it, too!”



The Art of Painting With Photoshop

Sandra Pearce is one of the most sought out digital artist in the photographic industry today. She is a Master Artist, Master Photographer, and Craftsman. She is an Image Excellence & Image Excellence Bar Recipient. Sandra has had the opportunity to speak to thousands of professional photographer across the country from guild level programs to state and national conventions. Her experience in digital imaging has set her apart in competition and she has been awarded Artist of the Year by the Florida Professional Photographers numerous years, Canon Par Excellence 2015 and 2016, Kodak Awards, Fuji Awards and other awards through the years. Sandra has been int he top ten for GIA awards since its inception in 2010. Sandra won the GIA Award for 1st place in the Art Category in 2010 anf 2016 at the Imaging Awards.

The difference between traditional art and digital art are vast and varied. There is one common link, the knowledge and skill needed to create true art, regardless of the medium. Not only does Sandra have a working knowledge of traditional and computer based art, she has experience teaching each form as well. She feels photographers already are comfortable with the tools used in Photoshop. This enables them to concentrate on the techniques of painting rather than learning a new program.

With so many teachers in the photography world, we all need a good reason to take a class that will help our business grow and prosper. Sandra is one of the only hand full of digital artists who are using Photoshop exclusively to create masterpieces. She teaches how to use all the tools that Adobe has in Photoshop to be used for painting. You will learn to take your images to the next level. Please join Sandra for fun, while exploring your inner creativity and learn to paint during the journey.

SPEAKER: Rodger and Susan Doherty

“Children's Portraits : Images That Sell"

Program Description: With over 30 years experience, Susan and Rodger have consolidated their studios to combine both their creativity and technical aspects in photography. In this class Susan will photograph a child a demonstrate how simple and quickly you can create images that will sell to your customers every time. Rodger will demonstrate how he processes the images and adjustments that will make your images "pop" and set yourself apart from your competitor. 

SPEAKER: Waldo Berry

“Taming the techno-beast”  take control of your photography technology infrastructure

Program Description:  This program will look at the second most critical aspect of your business as a modern photographer.  Your technology instruction is the foundation of your business.  It must be as reliable and dependable as any other aspect of what we do.  Unfortunately most photographers are poorly prepared or setup to totally rely on their technology infrastructure.   Many don’t have the technical background and knowledge to properly establish the layers of technology and redundancy needed to safeguard their images and services.  This program will discuss all the key things you should and can do to establish your techno-base.   We will provide information on just how much many of us teeter on the brink of disaster without even knowing it.  We will provide solutions, information and recommendations of the best way to safeguard your infrastructure and insure your business is safeguarded.

Biography:  Waldo Berry has been in business in Junction City, KS since 1997 and operates WB Photography.  Waldo Berry and his wife, Barbara Berry, are the primary studio artists and owners. Waldo Berry has been involved in photography since he was 11 years old.   He has a master’s degree in management of information systems (MIS), and works as an Information Technology Support Center Manager for the information Technology Assistance Center (iTAC) at Kansas State University, where he oversees a staff of 24 support consultants.   He has always been an early adapter of technology, in his photography business, and has taught sessions on digital photography and infrastructure.  He is noted as a talented traditionalist, digital creation artist and innovative photo-journalistic photographer.  His primary areas of photographic interest are Military Balls, Seniors, Portraits, Weddings, Children, Pets, Proms, and Special Events.  He is a member of the Kansas Professional Photographers Association, a member of the Professional Photographers of America: Photographic Craftsmen, Master Photographer, and Certified Professional Photographer.   He is also a past president of KPPA, holder of the PPA National award, the KPPS Special Award and the Life award.  He currently is a PPA councilmen, CPP Liaison for PPA, and KPPA Webmaster and CPP.  He has received numerous award on the state and national level through print competition.

SPEAKER: Stephen Smith and John La Barge

Make it Happen with Light

Come join us in learning, Friday evening about 9:00 p.m., during  Hospitality at J&C Imaging.

Program Description: Photographic Masters, Stephen Smith and John La Barge will be demonstrating different lights/modifiers and how to use them to create great lighting on your subjects. This will be a  short course followed by “hands-on” time for each of you to try the lights, ask questions and to seek guidance from the Masters in attendance.  Great “hands-on, one-on-one” learning.  Don't be shy, step right up and try it out.  Ask questions, get answers.

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