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SPEAKER: Patty Geist

PROGRAM: Staying Engaged With Your Art,

Don't Lose Your Mojo, Enjoying The Ride

“What I’ve learned that works for me in this crazy business.”

Photography is a crazy profession that has kept Patty Geist excited for 39 years. She is very passionate about creative expression and will share with her class where her inspiration comes from, as well as, acting upon that inspiration and giving exercises that even linear people can use to enhance their creativity and use it to create. Turn those creative thoughts into action!  Use what ever tool or motivation gets you rockin!  Make it a tangible creation with a print.-yes, actually print your images!

Examples of her work will be shown with explanation given has to how the creation was produced. Through a  question and answer session you  will have answers to the process of a successful photographer and business owner.  Organization is a key, but sometimes unlocking a door may be done in more than one way. Bullet points may keep you on track, but finding the same track doesn't improve the scenery.   Be creative, let the juices flow and get up and act on your inspiration!!

Her wisdom and experience is a wealth of information.  Her presentation will include what has worked for her and made her business a success.


Patty lives in Kearney, NE, and has worked in photography since 1979 starting with client contact, sales, photography and darkroom duties.  She then opened her own studio in 1995, Geist Photography, and helps build client relationships; hire, train, supervise, and evaluate employees; develop marketing, sales and pricing materials;, equipment selection; acquisition; implementation and training; business record keeping, establishing budgets and setting goals; creating original images, from concept to product delivery; continuing technical education and manages social media.  She is a Master of Photography, Photographic Craftsman, and Approved Affiliated Juror with the Professional Photographers of America, has given presentations to numerous professional photography groups across the country, conducted mentoring sessions for the American Society of Photographers. and was a member of the select group to Juror the Professional Photographers of Korea International Print Competition in Seoul Korea. Her motto: Where good times, and GREAT photography come together.   

SPEAKER: Toni Harryman 

PROGRAM: Dream. Emote. Create. Compete 


Print Competition - Why? Understanding the 12 elements. Presentation tips. Raising your game and elevating your everyday work through competition. Inspiration, composition and basic art principles. Getting emotion into our work for print competition and our clients. Writing an artist statement and delving into our connection to our work. Photoshop tips and tricks for print competition and client images. Playtime and how it can rejuvenate our art, our spirits and provide competition images with impact.


Toni was PPI's Artist of the Year, Top Ten Master Photographer, CPP Award, ASP State Elite Award and Sunset Award in 2018. She was also Top Artist and received 1st Place in Wedding, 1st Place in Seniors and 3 Sunset Lexjet Awards at the 2018 North Central District. Toni has owned Johnson Photography in Norwalk, Iowa since 1982.

SPEAKER: Kristy Steeves


PROGRAM: Embrace the Light

Find your voice. Write your story. Define your style.

SPONSORED BY: Miller's Professional Imaging

It’s been said that skilled photographers are artists who light with a paintbrush. They are writers who narrate their own visual story. They define their personal style. They are in control of the way their images look and feel. They do this by knowing how to see the light, manipulate it, and use it to their advantage. Lighting is a crucial part of photography. Sculpting with it is an art form. Join Kristy Steeves, a Master Photographer, as she shares her unique approach on embracing the light to create shape, form, shadows, texture, and mood. The placement of light, shaping of light, and ratios can all work in your favor. Kristy will demonstrate certain techniques, such as broad, short, split, profile, Rembrandt, and cross lighting, along with proper posing, to get beautifully sculpted images. Light is your greatest tool. Come and create. Find your voice. Write your story. Define your style. Paint your masterpiece. Learning how to light is one of the greatest discoveries you can make as a photographer. No matter your experience level, whether it’s aspiring or advanced, Kristy has something for everyone, including a “secret tip” she’s going to demonstrate just for us, which is sure to knock your socks off! We will have live models at this all-day hands’ on workshop so bring your cameras and let’s have some fun! 


Once upon a time... there was a girl who liked to tell stories. She spent most of her life as a writer; a broadcast journalist actually. For 25 years she told stories about people and events, winning four prestigious Emmy Awards, before switching careers. Now, instead of being in front of a camera, Kristy is behind one, telling people’s stories through her lens. People are her specialty. They always have been. Kristy thrives on human connection, making friends, and sharing in their life journeys. Her former boss at FOX 8 News once told her: “My theory is that you have real talent, sure, but you see inside of people and pull the most interesting things out of them. That’s why your photos are so good. You are finding the best in them. You did that as a news reporter. Now you’re doing it as a photographer”. Kristy firmly believes in the power of education. She has a Master of Photography Degree, a Craftsman Degree, and is a Certified Professional Photographer at the national level. She competes in print competition at the state, district, national and international levels. Her work has earned her the 2018 Ohio Photographer of the Year Award. She has been the recipient of the J. Anthony Bill award for having the most outstanding image in the state of Ohio. She has won the prestigious Kodak Gallery Award at the District level for her creative excellence. Her work as a photojournalist in El Salvador, where she documented orphans living in extreme poverty, was also featured in a national publication: Professional Photographer Magazine. Kristy’s specialties are children, families, high school seniors. 

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